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From raw marble to the final product

We work with the latest generation pieces of machinery at every stage of the production process.

Other marble blocks come from numerous external quarries, both Italian and international.

Extraction, sawing ed expo

The extraction of raw marble takes place using bulldozers and trucks which cut branches through mono-wire.
In such a doing, 90% of the marble is already extracted in blocks, ready to be displayed in storage. The remaining 10% of the material, destined to be sawn, goes to the laboratory where it is cleaned and squared in order to obtain 2-3cm slabs.


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Types of marble

Resining, net backing and polishing

On the slabs produced, a layer of resin is spread through a resin machine in order to avoid cracks on the material and to facilitate polishing processing; at the same time machine draws the net which gives the material more structure and resistance, in order also to avoid cracks during transport all over the world. Treatment ends with polishing processing using brushes which make raw material a finished product.

Diamond multi-blades frames

BM 80/100 Super 800

The closed-frame gang saw can cut marble slabs of various thicknesses. The closed frame gang saw is realized to install from 80 up to 100 diamond blades. The closed structure means that the blade holder frame is not moving up and down, the vertical movement of the block is given by n.4 worm screws connected to the block trolley. The rectilinear movement is given on 4 articulated rectilinear guides attached to the closed frame structure. These rectilinear articulated guides vastly reduce maintenance costs because they do not require replacement like the traditional slideways subject to continuous wearing. The best solution for higher speed, more accuracy and precision is one where the connecting rods move together with the blades horizontally along a single axis only. This means there is no dispersion of mechanical thrust in other directions. The block is stable when fixed on the upward.


In designing its marble gang-saw models, Gaspari Menotti has studied, identified and adopted the most rational and latest-generation solutions to optimize block sawing. This study led to the creation of reliable and innovative machines with a mighty structure.
The range includes: 2000 and 2500 versions, each one with blades stroke 80 and 100 cm, with cutting widths of 2 and 2.5 meters. It is a gang-saw with a blade-holding frame that moves at a fixed height while the block is lifted by a platform.

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