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Travertine is a natural stone whose appearance can vary from straw yellow colour to even walnut tones; its chromatic variations are determined by the presence or absence of oxides that have been incorporated into its structure during the sedimentation processes.

Travertine is a material that has been used since ancient Rome times, think of the Colosseum which is its icon par excellence. We can find it also in St. Peter’s Basilica and Santa Maria Maggiore Church; it was employed to create the Trevi Fountain but we can find it also in more recent buildings such as the Olympic Stadium.

This stone is available on a large scale; there are many quarries in Italy in which various colours are extracted. The most famous and more used is Classic Travertine, whose quarries are located on the slopes of Tuburtini mountains; we can also find extraction sites in Tuscany where Siena Travertine is extracted but it is a material quarried in Umbria and Marche regions.

Type of use of Travertino

Travertine is a strong material and it is one of the most employed stones in the construction field. Suitable for indoor works to realize flooring, coverings and stairs it is also used for outdoor projects; the various historic buildings testify to its resistance over time.

A wide range of finishing

Travertine can enhance its aesthetic value thanks to some specific processes such as polishing and honing.

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