We have been extracting and selling marble for more than 30 years.

A history carved in marble

Where our marble is born

Lazzarini Marmi perforation quarry
Lazzarini Marmi quarry

The 3 Botticino Marble quarries owned by our company, located in the picturesque province of Brescia, represent an excellence of the Italian marble industry.  To each quarry we have associated a wharehouse for the storage of the material for prompt delivery.

Other marble blocks come from numerous external quarries, both Italian and international.

Quarries and warehouses
lazzarini marmi blocks marble white lazzarini marmi cut marble slab

Quality and convenience

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We know marble in all its shades

Botticino Marble, born about 190 million years ago, carries a story of thousands years; this natural stone stands out for its white/ivory coloring and fascinating brown veins. Thanks to its high chemical-physical quality, Botticino Marble is ideal for multiple uses, in both interior and exterior spaces, guaranteeing strength, hardness and low porosity over time.
By adopting latest generation technologies and in the respect of strict safety standards, we extract Botticino Marble in its different qualities, offering a wide range of colors to meet the needs of a constantly evolving global market.

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Types of marble

The technology behind a marble block

Latest-generation machinery, robots and suckers help our specialized workers to move the material, treat it and display it in our warehouses.

The production process

Lazzarini marmi’s highlights

Exclusive materials

Privileged agreements with the best Italian quarries allow us to have exclusivity on marbles unique in the world.
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