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Orobico Red

What is Red Orobico Marble like?

Red Orobico (also known as Arabescato Orobico Red) is an Italian marble variety, extracted in the Orobian Alps, in an area located in the province of Bergamo, Lombardy. Compared to the Grey Orobico Marble variety, predominantly grey, the Red Orobico Marble features a red/burgundy tone, enriched by light grey or white veining. Its natural beauty and lively colouring make Red Orobico Marble slabs the ideal choice to bring a touch of luxury and uniqueness to every space.

Its unique colour palette makes it highly sought after for interior decoration and architectural projects.

This stone can withstand the passage of time, while maintaining its shine and effectively resisting everyday wear and tear. Ideal for floors, wall coverings and worktops, it guarantees long-lasting performance in all conditions of use.

What colour is Red Orobico Marble?

Red Orobico Marble is a jewel of nature that catches the eye of the beholder with its intense, warm shades of red. This precious material can range from deep red and burgundy tones to much softer shades, crossed by light grey, sometimes white, veins.

Its colouring is never monotonous; Red Orobico Marble slabs vary naturally, according to their veining and mineral impurities that enrich their morphological composition, thus guaranteeing uniqueness and originality in each slab obtained.

Thanks to its chromatic characteristics, Arabescato Orobico Red lends itself particularly well to book-matched laying techniques, adding movement and visual depth to any surface, and creating striking focal points in both residential and commercial spaces.


Red Orobico Marble slabs are widely employed in a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. Due to its strength and beauty, it is often selected for high-end floors and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops, as well as for furniture elements such as tables and columns.

Its international demand is proof of its value and appeal, making it a wise investment for those seeking excellence without compromise.

Employed for a high-end entrance hall, a classy bathroom or a sophisticated kitchen, Red Orobico Marble is perfectly suited to different living and commercial contexts. Being very easy to process, it is also in great demand in the furniture sector and to create architectural and sculptural details.

A wide range of finishing

The fascinating aesthetics of Red Orobico Marble can be further embellished through a wide range of processes such as:


Polishing Arabescato Orobico Red Marble is a very important step to enhance this exclusive material. Through this refined finishing technique, the marble fully reveals its fascinating veining, and also enhances its vibrant red hues, giving treated surfaces a spectacular shine that enriches any environment.


Arabescato Orobico Red Marble slabs, when subjected to a meticulous honing process, are transformed into architectural elements of extraordinary beauty. This technique gives the marble a smooth and even surface, although less shiny than polishing, leaving the slab more matt-looking. In any case, this finish too is perfect to be used in various architecture and interior design applications.


Red Orobico Marble, in its rough form, marks the beginning of a fascinating process that turns a simple block of marble into a masterpiece of elegance and art. At this initial stage, the material reveals its authentic essence, showing a natural structure and the potential that will be developed through subsequent and meticulous processing steps.

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History of Red
Orobico Marble

Arabescato Orobico is a historical stone, extracted for over a century in the Italian Alps for its exceptional colour characteristics and unique natural patterns. This marble is called ‘arabescato’ because of its vivid and sinuous veins, reminiscent of the intricate decorations of Islamic art. Available in four variants – red, grey, pink and grey-pink – Arabescato Orobico offers unrivaled versatility for interior and exterior design projects.

Composed of more than 90% calcium carbonate and enriched with clay minerals, the Arabescato Orobico has a multi-coloured texture, ranging from red to orangey pink, passing through shades of white, light and dark grey. Classified as veined or laminated limestone, it belongs to the geological formation known as the ‘Membro del Calcare Rosso’.

Its origins date back to the Upper Ladin, around 225 million years ago, at a time when the Bergamo region was characterized by a tropical climate, similar to that of today’s Bahamas, with lagoons and coral reefs. During periods of sea-level fluctuation, this material was subjected to surfacing and submergence cycles, during which desiccation structures and accumulations of algae and volcanic ash formed. These conditions led to the rich chromatic and geometric variety that characterizes today’s Arabescato Orobico.

Arabescato Orobico is not just appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, but also for its cultural and historical value, as it has been employed to build churches and noble residences in the Bergamo area, and beyond. Recently, the town of San Giovanni Bianco unveiled a monument to commemorate the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. The sculpture, created by local artist Elio Rota, is a tribute in Arabescato Orobico Red, chosen for its ability to symbolize memory and resistance.

The flame-shaped sculpture was designed to honor not only those who died during the pandemic, but also the medical staff who worked with dedication. This significant gesture underlines the importance of the Arabescato Orobico Marble as a symbol of memory and continuity in the community of San Giovanni Bianco.