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Orobico Grey

Orobico Grey marble or Arabescato Orobico grey is a particular material with a predominantly grey background enriched by a cloudy and veined structure in pinkish, brown and gold tones; thanks to these chromatic characteristics, it is particularly suitable to be laid in book matched.

This is an historical marble that has been extracted for more than a hundred years, used in the past in the construction of churches and noble residences in Bergamo area and in various locations; you can find it among the marbles of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

For this type of material there is a good availability and quarries are located in Northern Italy, in Bergamo province.

Type of use of Orobico Grey

Orobico Grey marble is perfect in interior spaces and it is used for flooring, vertical coverings, stairs, bathrooms and kitchen tops; it expresses the best of this characteristics after polishing. Being a very resistant material, it is also suitable for outdoor creations.

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