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What is Zecevo Marble like?

Zecevo Marble – with its elegant beige background criss-crossed by brown veins of varying intensity – is a valuable and sought-after stone. Extracted in Croatia, it is known for its limited availability, in small to medium blocks – two factors that increase its exclusivity. Its colour makes it ideal for use in large formats, often laid in ‘book-matched’ installations.

The refinement of Zecevo Marble makes it perfect for luxurious and elegant environments, both for floors and wall coverings, and as a decorative element in custom-made furniture and worktops. Its strength and durability also make it suitable for outdoor use, where it can be employed for façades, walkways and public spaces, to add a touch of lasting elegance.

In addition to ordinary applications, Zecevo Marble is often chosen by architects and designers to create unique and distinctive atmospheres in high-profile projects. Its natural beauty and its limited availability make it an exclusive material that can significantly increase the aesthetic and economic value of any real estate or interior design project.

What colour is Zecevo Marble?

Zecevo Marble is the symbol of sophisticated elegance in the building materials landscape, with its beige background cleverly contrasted by dark brown, sometimes black veins that draw subtle, irregular paths across the surface. This more or less extensive and marked veining, together with the presence of small fossils, give this stone a visual complexity that catches the eye and defines its personality.

Zecevo Marble’s geological composition makes it prone to micro-cracks and porosity, which are meticulously treated through the finishing processes. It is, however, a very strong and durable material, an ideal choice for use in busy environments.


Zecevo Marble, renowned for its particular strength, is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor environments. This stone is frequently selected to create elegant wall coverings, robust flooring, staircases, kitchen and bathroom tops, and other refined furnishing solutions. Its durability also makes it perfect for spaces subject to heavy foot traffic, such as shops, offices and restaurants, where beauty must meet everyday practicality.

Zecevo Marble also stands out particularly in furniture, as it is often used in the production of furniture tops, consoles and coffee tables. The combination with other elements or darker marble types – such as the Grigio Carnico Marble -creates a visually pleasing contrast that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to spaces.

Its qualities confirm Zecevo Marble as one of the most refined and sought-after choices in architecture and interior design.

A wide range of finishing

The unique aesthetics of Zecevo Marble can be further enhanced through specific processes, such as:


Polishing is an important technique for enhancing the aesthetic qualities of Zecevo Marble, and emphasise its veining and colour characteristics. This process brings out the marble's natural beauty, turning it into a star of any environment, and visually enriching it with elegance.


In the honing process, Zecevo Marble slabs acquire an even, smooth surface, ideal for various architectural applications. Unlike polishing, this technique employs abrasive brushes that make the marble surface less shiny, yet just as sophisticated and elegant, perfectly suited to enhancing refined style environments.
lazzarini marmi zecevo marble rough


The beauty of Zecevo Marble is evident in its rough form, marking the beginning of an extraordinary transformation process. From the moment it is extracted, the marble block reveals its true nature and rough beauty, preparing itself for subsequent processing stages that will fully enhance its natural characteristics.

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