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Grey Carnico

What is Grey Carnico Marble like?

Grey Carnico is a type of Italian marble highly valued for its aesthetic and technical characteristics. It is extracted from quarries located in the Carnic Alps, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park.
It is known for its dark grey colour with thick veins ranging from light grey to bright white, which create a visually appealing contrast that can enrich any space.

As Grigio Carnico Marble is quarried at high altitudes, it is extracted mainly in the summer months, due to adverse weather conditions during the rest of the year.
Despite this climate-related limitation, it is generally available in good quantities and in medium to large block sizes, making it ideal for projects of varying gauges.

Characteristics of Grey Carnico Marble

Grey Carnico Marble stands out for its rich colour palette, with different shades of grey. The dark grey base of the stone inspires a feeling of depth and solidity, creating a stable base over which lighter veins are developed.
The white and light grey veins, which alternate and intertwine along the surface of the stone, add a dynamic and lively dimension to the marble, creating interesting contrasts of light and shadow.

These veins not only offer visual beauty, but also a variety of nuances and patterns that make each slab of Grey Carnico Marble unique. The visual effect of light veins on a dark background can be compared to an abstract painting, where shapes and movements combine to create harmonious and fascinating compositions.

This colour combination gives Grey Carnico Marble an extraordinary aesthetic versatility, suitable for a wide range of styles and environments. The dark grey background can generate an understated and sophisticated feeling, while the light veins add a touch of brightness and dynamism. Thanks to this chromatic versatility, Grigio Carnico Marble is perfect for a variety of design applications, from classical and traditional architecture to more modern and contemporary contexts.


Grey Carnico Marble is a limestone rock of exceptional brilliance and structural solidity. Its high strength makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In interior design, it is often used to cover floors and walls, and to create worktops for kitchens and bathrooms. Outdoors, it is ideal for elements such as thresholds, windowsills and steps.

As far as laying techniques are concerned, Grey Carnico is best suited for ‘book-matched’ installations, and polishing is generally the most recommended finish to best enhance its shine and its crystalline texture.

Grigio Carnico Marble is appreciated not only for its spectacular aesthetics, but also for its great flexibility in harmonising with various decorative styles, from the most classic and traditional to the most modern and cutting-edge designs.

A wide range of finishing

The aesthetic value of Grey Carnico can be enhanced through specific processes, such as:


Polishing Grey Carnico Marble is generally the process that best enhances the colour characteristics of this natural stone. Through careful processing, the unique veining and colour nuances of Grey Carnico Marble shine through, adding elegance and sophistication to the environments in which it is used.


Grey Carnico Marble slabs that undergo a honing process, present a smooth and uniform surface, perfect for a variety of architectural contexts. This technique, unlike polishing, uses different abrasive brushes that give the surface a less shiny, but equally refined and elegant appearance.


The beauty of Grey Carnico Marble is evident in its rough form, marking the beginning of an extraordinary transformation process. When the marble block first reveals its true nature and rough beauty, it prepares itself for the subsequent processing stages that will allow its splendid quality to be fully exploited.

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History of Grey Carnico Marble

Grey Carnico Marble has a rich and fascinating history, rooted in the Carnic Alps, in the north-east of Italy. This natural stone has been quarried for centuries in this area, with a tradition dating back to ancient times.

In the Urban Park of Artegna Historic Centre, two blocks of this precious marble were used to create a monumental structure. Staggered and precisely polished, these blocks serve as the bases for the centrepiece of the monument – two bronze sculptures. The decision to use this material highlights the aesthetic value of Grigio Carnico Marble and its ability to make public spaces more modern and solemn.

It can also be found in the former Italian military cemetery of Pal Piccolo, where a majestic Grey Carnico Marble stele dominates the memorial landscape. Strategically located within the military cemetery, this stele is a tribute to fallen soldiers, with their names engraved on its large monolithic block, paying one lasting homage to their sacrifice.