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Grey Suveraia Light

Grey Suveraia Light Marble

Grey Suveraia Light, with its lighter shade of grey, offers a distinctive perspective, through blocks sporting subtle veins and softer shades.
This marble variant makes any project in which it is employed in light and fresh. The subtle, elegantly arranged veins create a refined visual effect, while the more delicate tones emphasize its luminous nature.

These marble blocks originate in the heart of southern Tuscany, near the majestic Apuan Alps.
This connection to the land and its historical heritage make Grey Suveraia Light a choice not only aesthetically appreciated, but also imbued with a deeper meaning. Marble slabs are much more than a building material; they bear witness to the geological history of this extraordinary region.

What colour is Grey Suveraia Light?

Although the range available is not very broad, it is truly one of a kind, as Grey Suveraia Light is light grey in colour, with slightly black veins.

The two fascinating Grey Suveraia versions – Dark and Light – are masterfully mined in the picturesque southern regions of Tuscany, at short distance from the majestic Apuan Alps. Strategically facing one another, the quarries offer a picturesque landscape, while promoting better resource management and sustainable production.

The Grey Suveraia Light slabs, with their particular shades and thin veining, lend themselves to a broad variety of uses, from architecture to decorative elements.


Grey Suveraia Light proves an excellent choice for interior covering applications, but it is less suitable for outdoor use, as it shows limited resistance to low temperatures. Unlike the Dark version, a unique aspect of this light variant is its predisposition to brighten up considerably when subjected to a polishing process.
With this process, this material acquires a remarkable brightness, capturing and reflecting light in its own way.
As mentioned above, it should be noted that this process is more effective on the Light variant; applied on the Dark variant, it tends to create a matted effect.

Therefore, its glossy feel adds that touch of brightness to interiors, naturally creating cosy and reflective atmospheres.

A wide range of finishing

Grey Suveraia Light’s unique colour can be further enhanced through various specific processes:


When processed with this finish, Grey Suveraia Light reacts very positively to this treatment. Polishing not only gives Grey Suveraia Light a smooth, reflective surface, but also emphasizes its natural texture and characteristics.


This process develops gradually, creating a uniform and smooth surface that highlights the light grey tone of the marble and its delicate veining. One of the most appreciable features of honing, is its ability to enhance the natural texture of Grey Suveraia Light.


Grey Suveraia Light in its rough form is the starting point of a fascinating process that transforms the marble block into an artistic creation. During this phase, it is decided how the marble will be modeled and finished, according to its natural characteristics that will make every piece unique.

Technical data

Water permeability at atmospheric pressure

0,26 %

Real density „pb“

2680 Kg/m3


0,98 %

Flexural strength with concentrated load (natural)

17 MPa

Flexural strength with concentrated load (after 28 freeze cycles)

11,5 MPa

Compressive strength

122,9 MPa

Slip resistence


Slip resistence


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History of Grey Suveraia Light

Grey Suveraia Light marble, together with its Dark variant, is a truly innovative material with no previous history.
Nowadays, although lacking centuries of history, this material is nevertheless much sought after for its distinctive characteristics, as it offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to introduce a contemporary element into their architectural projects.

What makes it even more valuable is its limited availability on the market, as this consolidates its exclusive status. In addition, the absence of a previous history is not something lacking, but rather a blank canvas to paint new narratives on.
Therefore, Grey Suveraia Light Marble becomes not only a premium material, but also a way to explore new creative horizons.