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Grey Suveraia Dark

Grey Suveraia Dark Marble

The Grey Suveraia Dark and Light selection comprises a wide range of colors, and also a variety of unique aesthetic features.
While Grey Suveraia Dark is distinguished by its dark grey enriched with white or gold veins, or a combination of both, Grey Suveraia Light features a lighter tone, with blocks showing finer veins and softer shades.

Being sourced from quarries in southern Tuscany, near the majestic Apuan Alps – where there is plenty of fine marble – adds a touch of authenticity and value to this stone.

The geological and climatic conditions of this region have given the two varieties of Grey Suveraia unique characteristics that make them ideal for different applications, from architecture to decorative elements.

Strategically facing one another, the quarries offer a picturesque landscape, while promoting better resource management and sustainable production.

What colour is Grey Suveraia Dark?

The two Grey Suveraia variants are surprisingly different from one another. Grey Suveraia Dark is characterized by a striking dark grey hue, enriched by white or gold veins, or a fascinating combination of both, while Grey Suveraia Light features a lighter, more understated grey, enriched by light black veins.

The two unique Grey Suveraia versions – Dark and Light – are masterfully mined in the picturesque southern regions of Tuscany, a short distance from the majestic Apuan Alps.

Grey Suveraia Dark, with its rich range of veins and colours, is perfect to create design projects, by adding a note of elegance and sophistication to any environment, highlighting its versatility in blending harmoniously into different contexts.


Grey Suveraia Dark is an excellent material for interior covering applications, offering an aesthetic solution of great impact and refinement.

A peculiar aspect of this material is its behavior after being polished. Unlike many other marbles, once polished, Grey Suveraia Dark develops a slight opacity, without losing that touch of sophisticated elegance that characterizes its aesthetics.

Thanks to its unique, slightly matt, glossy appearance, combined with strategic lighting solutions, Grey Suveraia Dark can enhance interiors in a surprising way, creating cosy and classy atmospheres.

From entrance halls to living room walls, this material can transform interiors into highly sophisticated environments, through its unique allure and subtly sophisticated details.

It should be noted, however, that due to its poor resistance to low temperatures, Grey Suveraia Dark is not suitable for outdoor installation.

A wide range of finishing

Grey Suveraia Dark’s unique color can be further defined through various specific processes:


This processing reveals a refined and sophisticated side of this marble. A unique feature brought out by polishing is the slight opacity acquired by Grey Suveraia Dark. While maintaining its overall shine, the matt nuance emphasizes the beauty of the veining and the details.


Honing Grey Suveraia Dark is a fundamental process that helps to define its surface, ensuring a smooth finish that is pleasing to the touch. Through this process, we obtain a smooth surface that - although not shiny as in the polishing process - offers a pleasantly velvety and full texture.


Grey Suveraia Dark in its rough form is the starting point of a fascinating process that transforms the marble block into a refined and artistic creation. The rough phase of this material reveals its primordial essence, showing its natural structure and intrinsic potential that will be developed through subsequent processing steps.

Technical data

Water permeability at atmospheric pressure

0,26 %

Real density „pb“

2680 Kg/m3


0,98 %

Flexural strength with concentrated load (natural)

17 MPa

Flexural strength with concentrated load (after 28 freeze cycles)

11,5 MPa

Compressive strength

122,9 MPa

Slip resistence


Slip resistence


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History of Grey Suveraia Dark

Grey Suveraia Dark Marble stands out as a material with a contemporary essence, without an ancient background. Its limited availability on the market makes it an exceptionally coveted and valuable option.

While emerging as a new product, this marble is destined to create its own narrative in the context of architecture and design. The lack of a foregoing history is not a limitation, but rather an opportunity for those who wish to introduce a distinctive and contemporary element into their projects.