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Grey Suveraia Dark

Grey Suveraia Dark marble is a new material, without a history behind it. This factor, together with its particular colour tone and its low availability, makes it an extremely researched and appreciated material.

The selection available, although not very high, is varied as Grey Suveraia Dark has a grey-dark background, crossed by white or gold veins, sometimes combined together.

The two types of Grey Suveraia, the dark one and the light one, are extracted in southern Tuscany, a few hours’ distance from Apuan Alps, in two quarries located exactly one in front of the other.

Grey Suveraia Dark type of use

Grey Suveraia Dark marble is an excellent material for interior claddings while not very suitable for outdoor use, as it is not very resistant to low temperatures. One of its peculiarities is that, after polishing, it has the tendency to become slightly opaque.

A wide range of finishing

The particular color of grey suveraia dark can be further characterized through various specific processes:





Technical data

Water permeability at atmospheric pressure

0,26 %

Real density „pb“

2680 Kg/m3


0,98 %

Flexural strength with concentrated load (natural)

17 MPa

Flexural strength with concentrated load (after 28 freeze cycles)

11,5 MPa

Compressive strength

122,9 MPa

Slip resistence


Slip resistence


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