Our exclusive material

Breccia Blue

Breccia Blue Marble is a variant of Breccia Aurora marble (link do dedicated page); while maintaining a warm background with beige tones, it presents a particular chromatism with grey/bluish shades and veins that make it unique.

Breccia Blue quarry is the same in which Breccia Aurora is extracted since, as previously mentioned, this type of marble is a variant; it is therefore extracted in a specific area of the quarry, in Brescia province.

Type of use of Breccia Blue

Breccia Aurora marble is a material suitable for indoor creations such as floors, vertical coverings, stairs, bathrooms, kitchen tops and tables while offering also good performances outdoor as it is a resistant material. It is also used in the realization of furnishing objects such as vases, lamps etc …

A wide range of finishing

The particular aesthetics of Breccia Blue can be further enriched with a wide range of processes such as for example polishing and honing.


Technical data

Country of origin


Main use

internal / external

Real density „Pb“

2700 kg/m3

Average absorption of water

0,20 %

Compression strength

79,9 MPa

Durability of flexural strength

10,7 MPa

Durability of flexural strength

101.500 MPa

Impact strength

31 cm

Abrasion resistance


Frost resistance

22,8 MPa

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