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Breccia Blue

What is Breccia Blu Marble like?

Being a variant of Breccia Aurora, Breccia Blu is a prized Italian marble variety that stands out for its extraordinary structure, characterized by irregular colour fragments and veins that blend in harmony.

These visual characteristics give this material an irresistible allure, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of design and decorative applications.

Its beauty can be appreciated both indoors and outdoors, as this marble is sturdy and unique in any context, be it residential, commercial or public.

The combination of strength and durability of Breccia Blu Marble makes it a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice; for this reason, it is the ideal material for floors, vertical wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops, stairs and tables, and also for many decorative objects such as vases and lamps.

Breccia Blu can easily withstand daily wear and tear, while retaining its original beauty, thus representing a valuable investment for any modern design project.

What colour is Breccia Blu Marble?

Breccia Blu Marble, with its warm hue and delicate beige background enriched with grey-blue nuances and veins, is a unique, one-of-a-kind marble, and it adds a peculiar touch to any environment in which it is employed.

Breccia Blu marble slabs and blocks feature an attractive and elegant individual identity, translating into variations of colours and shades that enhance the beauty of this stone.

With this chromatic variety, the Breccia Blu Marble catches the eye and arouses the interest of those who observe it. In interior design projects, this marble offers a unique visual effect, transforming the rooms into authentic artistic jewels.


Breccia Blu Marble is a fine variant of the renowned Breccia Aurora Marble. With its warm beige background enriched by bluish-grey shades and veins, this marble stands out for its exclusivity.

The chromatic veining of Breccia Blu creates patterns on its surface, making this marble ideal for both indoor and outdoor design projects.

As stated before, being a variant of Breccia Aurora Marble, the Breccia Blu Marble extraction site is the same.  It is extracted in a specific quarry area located in the Brescia Pre-Alps.

Certain finishes, such as polishing and honing, further enhance its veining and strong tones. In architecture and construction, Breccia Blu Marble is used for floors, wall coverings, stairs and kitchen tops, and it makes any room sophisticated, modern and luxurious.

A wide range of finishing

The extraordinary aesthetics of the Breccia Blu Marble can be further embellished through a wide range of processes such as:

lucidatura marmo breccia blu lazzarini marmi


Polishing Breccia Blu Marble improves the aesthetic appearance of this precious stone, enhancing its unique shades and veining, and giving the slabs a shine and brilliance that emphasize the natural texture and characteristics of this marble.
levigatura marmo breccia blu lazzarini marmi


Honing Breccia Blu Marble makes its surface even and smooth, highlighting its grey/bluish tones. Unlike polishing, with this process, the marble slab will have a less shiny and more matt appearance, allowing Breccia Blu to retain its natural texture, which fits perfectly into any architectural design.
grezzo marmo breccia blu lazzarini marmi


A rough slab of Breccia Blu Marble offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of this stone, before it undergoes further treatments that alter its appearance. Many appreciate the uniquely rustic nature and authenticity of marble in its untreated form.

Technical data

Country of origin


Main use

internal / external

Real density „Pb“

2700 kg/m3

Average absorption of water

0,20 %

Compression strength

79,9 MPa

Durability of flexural strength

10,7 MPa

Durability of flexural strength

101.500 MPa

Impact strength

31 cm

Abrasion resistance


Frost resistance

22,8 MPa

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