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Breccia Aurora

What is Breccia Aurora Marble like?

Breccia Aurora is an enchanting Italian marble, due to its lively combination of colours, ranging from beige to red, pink and brown.

This variety stands out for its unique structure, characterised by irregular fragments and veins that blend harmoniously over the entire surface of the Breccia Aurora marble slab. These visual characteristics give this material an unmistakable appeal, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of design and decorative applications.

Thanks to its vibrant chromatic nature and its unique veining and nuances, Breccia Aurora is suitable for open-book-matched installations, in both classic and contemporary layouts. Its beauty can be appreciated both indoors and outdoors, and it adds a touch of elegance and personality to any commercial or public space.

Breccia Aurora marble’s strength and durability make it a practical and aesthetically appealing choice. Ideal for floors, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops, and architectural and decorative elements, Breccia Aurora can withstand daily wear and tear and retains its beauty over time, making it a valuable investment for any interior design project.

What colour is Breccia Aurora Marble?

The Breccia Aurora marble – an Italian pride – is distinguished by its warm, enveloping shade: a delicate beige enriched with brown or orange veins that unfold with elegance. However, Breccia Aurora can also surprise with shades of green or accents of red, characterising the spaces where it is employed.

Each marble block or slab of Breccia Aurora marble has a unique identity, offering variations of colours and shades that enhance the beauty of this material.

Thanks to its extraordinary variety of colours, Breccia Aurora marble creates a unique and captivating visual effect in any room, adding a touch of luxury and prestige to any interior design project.

HOW TO USE Breccia Aurora Marble

Breccia Aurora marble, renowned for its beauty and chromatic variety, offers a wide selection of nuances. Thanks to the presence of unique minerals in its composition, it features a beige background with marked veins ranging from brown, red, orange, and sometimes grey, yellow and green tones. In some areas of the quarry, there are even marble blocks with bluish nuances, and this variety is called Breccia Blue.
The chromatic veining of Breccia Aurora creates striking patterns on its surface, making this marble an ideal choice for book-matched installations, even in open-space interior design projects. Thanks to its versatility and richness of colour, Breccia Aurora can be paired with other fine marbles; indeed, it combines beautifully with the Botticino Marble.

The Breccia Aurora area is in northern Italy, and more specifically in the Brescian Pre-Alps, where this precious stone with warm, enveloping tones is quarried.

Polishing and honing its surface, further enhance its veining and strong tones. In architecture and construction applications, Breccia Aurora is used on floors, coverings, stairs and kitchen tops, and it makes any environment exquisitely sophisticated.

A wide range of finishing

The extraordinary aesthetics of the Breccia Aurora Marble can be further embellished through a wide range of processes such as:


The polishing process on Breccia Aurora marble is very important and it improves the aesthetic appearance and durability of this valuable material. With this finish, the marble veining is brought out, and its unique hues acquire a natural shine that makes any space elegant and refined, with great visual impact in the final result.


Honing Breccia Aurora marble makes its surface smooth and even; however, unlike polishing, the marble slab is less shiny and shows a duller appearance, as the abrasive brushes employed have a different grain. This finish too perfectly adapts adapt Breccia Aurora to any architectural design.


Breccia Aurora in its rough form is the starting point of a fascinating process that transforms the marble block into a refined and artistic creation. The rough phase of this material reveals its primordial essence, showing its natural structure and intrinsic potential that will be developed through subsequent processing steps.

Technical data

Country of origin


Main use

internal / external

Real density „Pb“

2700 kg/m3

Average absorption of water


Compression strength

79,9 MPa

Durability of flexural strength

10,7 MPa

Durability of flexural strength

101.500 MPa

Impact strength

31 cm

Abrasion resistance


Frost resistance:

22,8 MPa

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History of Breccia
Aurora Marble

Breccia Aurora has a rich history, rooted in the Brescia area quarries. This fine natural marble stone dates back to Roman times, when it was quarried and used to adorn important temples and monuments. Some of its prestigious applications include the Altar of Saint Charles Borromeo and the Altar of Saints Faustino and Giovita, in the renowned Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Ghedi.

The name ‘Breccia Aurora’ derives from its characteristic colouring and unique structure. The word ‘breccia’ refers to the stone composition, which is made up of fragments of different natural rocks, cemented together by a limestone matrix. The term ‘Aurora’ conjures up the image of a bright and evocative dawn, referring to the warm and vivid tones that characterise this marble.

Over the centuries, the popularity of Breccia Aurora marble has grown steadily, becoming a symbol of elegance and refinement in architecture and design projects. Its special characteristics – such as the variegated mix of colours ranging from red to pink and beige, together with its unique structure and durability – have made this natural stone a popular choice for many projects.

Even today, Breccia Aurora marble continues to be used worldwide for luxury wall coverings, elegant floors, kitchen and bathroom tops, and fine artwork and decorations, such as lamps and vases.