trends of design with the blue breccia by lazzarini marmi

Design trends with Breccia Blue Marble

Breccia Blue Marble – a natural work of art by Lazzarini Marmi – is a material that stands out in contemporary design.
With its unique colour nuances and fascinating hues, this precious marble is a preferred choice among engineers and architects.

Project realised with Breccia Blue by Lazzarini Marmi

project and coatings in marble breccia blue by lazzarini marmi

As design trends continue to evolve, Breccia Blue Marble remains a constant symbol of luxury and quality, capable of transforming any room into a masterpiece of style.

An extraordinary example of the innovative use of Breccia Blue Marble is a prestigious flat located on the picturesque shores of Lake Garda.

In this project, the client opted for a homogeneous covering of the entire house, choosing tiles in 60x30x2cm size. Breccia Blue was skilfully used to cover a total area of 120m², encompassing every room in the house, from bathrooms to the living room and kitchen.

The consistent use of this fine marble throughout the flat created a visual effect of continuity and harmony, enhancing the unique characteristics of each space.

In the bathrooms, Breccia Blue conveys a sense of luxury and tranquillity, transforming the room into a private spa. In the living room, the blue and white shades of the marble capture natural light, creating reflections that amplify the brightness and perception of space. In the kitchen, marble lends a touch of sophisticated elegance, while resisting everyday wear and tear thanks to its robustness.

This project not only highlights the versatility of Lazzarini Marmi’s Breccia Blue Marble but it also proves how choosing materials carefully can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of a home, making it a haven of unique beauty.

Breccia Blue Marble in luxury renovations

floor covering living room with marble blue by lazzarini marmi

Choosing this precious marble fosters the creation of unique environments, where natural beauty and robustness come together to offer a living experience of the highest level.
For engineers and architects, Breccia Blue Marble is an ideal solution for renovation projects where aesthetics meets practicality.

Luxury bathrooms with Breccia Blue Marble

In the bathrooms of this luxury flat, Breccia Blue has been used in a masterly manner, covering the floors in a homogeneous and harmonious way, and creating an ambience of relaxation and refinement.

Natural light reflects off the polished marble surfaces, thus amplifying the brightness of the rooms and creating a luxurious atmosphere. The combination with ceramics, chrome fittings and metal accessories completes the ambience, transforming the bathroom into a true home spa.

To add a further touch of elegance and sophistication, in this project the washbasin tops have been realised using Grigio Orobico Marble. This marble, with its elegant hues and unique textures, contrasts beautifully with Breccia Blue, creating a perfect balance of colours and materials.

Breccia Blue Marble for elegant floors

apartment floors in marble breccia blue by lazzarini marmi

As mentioned above, Breccia Blue Marble was used for the floors of the entire flat, turning the living room into an area of pure elegance. Marble floors create a focal point that immediately catches the eye, adding depth and visual interest. The natural light reflected off the polished marble surfaces amplifies the perception of space, creating a play of light and shadow that makes the environment more lively.

Consistent use of Breccia Blue Marble also in the kitchen floors created harmony between the different rooms of the house and stylistic continuity, enhancing the overall design of the flat.

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