architecture project with botticino fiorito light marble Lazzarini Marmi

Architecture project with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble

Seoul-based Hyundai Motors – a global leader in the automotive industry, recently inaugurated its new headquarters, an architectural masterpiece that not only reflects the company’s innovation and dynamism, but also sets new standards in corporate building design. 

For this ambitious project, Lazzarini Marmi’s Botticino Fiorito Light Marble was employed for the exterior walls and for the interior claddings and floors on all building levels, covering a total area of approximately 9500 square metres.  

Hyundai Motors’ headquarters in Seoul are much more than a simple building; they are a symbol of the company’s innovation and vision of the future, and Botticino Fiorito Light was chosen in this case as the most appropriate material to reinforce the link between this prestigious architectural project and the brand’s identity. 

Exterior cladding with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble

As experts in the field, we know that choosing the right marble can make all the difference between a successful project and one that falls short of expectations. In particular, Botticino Fiorito Light Marble is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between classicism and modernity.

When you choose Botticino Fiorito Light, you are choosing a material that carries centuries of tradition, and this marble, extracted from quarries owned by Lazzarini Marmi, represents the best in processing and guarantees a final product of exceptional quality. 

In addition to its beauty, this marble is renowned for its exceptional weather resistance, and this is the reason why Botticino Fiorito Light Marble was also used in this project for the external façades. Indeed, this material is perfectly suited to withstand variable climate conditions without losing its charm and splendour.

Interior cladding with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble

interior cladding with botticino fiorito light marble Lazzarini Marmi

On the other hand, marble makes interiors look bright and open, fostering a stimulating working environment and making a striking visual impact, turning each wall into a work of art in its own right.

Its smooth and refined surface fits perfectly with any design, from the most traditional to the most modern, always offering flawless results. 

Lazzarini Marmi’s Botticino Fiorito Light was employed in Hyundai Motors interiors in Seoul to create:

  • Lobby and halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Main corridors
  • Executive offices
  • Conference halls 
  • Waiting rooms and common areas

Lobby and Halls

The building lobby and halls were covered in Botticino Fiorito Light, creating an immediate impression of luxury and professionalism; its shiny surface reflects natural light, increasing brightness and lending a sophisticated tone to the entire building, where a sense of quality and attention to detail are noticeable from the very first glance.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms – essential for strategic meetings and collaborations – clad with this marble, exude that comfortable, professional and inspiring touch. 

Main Corridors

In the main corridors of the Hyundai Motors headquarters, which connect the various sections of the building, Botticino Fiorito Light Marble ensures an elegant and harmonious visual flow between different spaces, while providing a durable surface that will endure everyday wear and tear. The result is a clean and professional atmosphere, which is essential in a high-end corporate environment.

Executive Offices

The executive offices for Management and important guests, were embellished with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble slabs both on the walls and on the floors; here, the natural tones of the marble contributed to creating a comfortable, productive and high-level atmosphere, demonstrating Hyundai Motors’ constant commitment to the pursuit of high quality – a characteristic that has helped the company become a market leader.  

Conference Halls 

In addition to the meeting rooms, the conference and training areas were also decorated with Botticino Fiorito Light. These spaces, often used for presentations and strategic meetings, benefit from the refined aesthetics that this marble confers.

Waiting Rooms and Common Areas

In waiting rooms and common areas Botticino Fiorito Light reaffirms its versatility, giving even the simplest rooms a sense of refinement and welcome, for employees and visitors alike. By cladding the walls of these spaces, marble not only amplifies their aesthetics, but also helps to create an environment with a prevailing feeling of comfort and tranquillity. 

Enhancing interiors with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble flooring

floors interiors with botticino fiorito light marble Lazzarini Marmi

The decision to use Botticino Fiorito Light Marble on the floors of the entire building is a decision that exudes elegance, refinement and a clear vision of design.

Used on all building floors, this marble helped to create bright and visually spacious rooms, diffusing light onto the polished surfaces and illuminating every corner, to make the entire environment inviting and comfortable. 

This uniformity in design not only amplifies the spaciousness of the interiors, but also establishes a continuous visual flow that naturally guides the occupants through the different areas of the building; this coherence is essential in environments such as offices, where a homogeneous high-level experience is crucial. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Botticino Fiorito Light and how it can transform your architectural projects, contact us for further details. 

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