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Botticino Fiorito marble

The Botticino Fiorito marble is a material with a white background crossed by flaking (or blooming) consisting of shades of calcium bicarbonate on the slabs, which can appear lighter or darker with clear or more subtle colour breaks.

Botticino Fiorito is particularly appreciated in Asia and large supplies are generally requested by the Chinese and Korean markets.

Its availability is medium-high and extraction sites are located in Botticino valley, in the Brescia region, where the most valuable types of Botticino Classico and Botticino Semiclassico are also extracted.

Botticino fiorito type of use

Botticino Fiorito is an ideal material for indoor use it is not recommended for outdoor projects as it is more fragile than Botticino classico and Botticino Semiclassico.

A wide range of finishing

The particular beauty of botticino fiorito can be further enhanced through s wide range of processes:





Technical data

Country of origin


Main use


Real density „pb“

2740 Kg/m3

Compression strength

1185 Kg/cm2

Flexural strength

205 Kg/cm2

Abrasion resistance

0,98 mm

Average absorption of water

0,16 %

Thermal expansion coefficient

0,0036 mm/m °C

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