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Botticino Classico marble

How is Botticino Classico Marble

Botticino Classico Marble stands out for its peculiar characteristics, making it a unique choice for highly refined projects. The marble slabs and blocks proposed by Lazzarini Marmi offer the charm of the light beige background typical of this stone enriched by subtle brown veins that make this marble unique and unrivalled in its use in any environment.

Its robust structure makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, and guarantees resistance and durability over time.

Choosing Marble Botticino Classico slabs from Lazzarini Marmi means investing in a precious material that will amaze anyone who observes it, losing themselves in its veins and textures as if admiring a work of art created by nature.

Thanks to its resistance and robustness to abrasion and low absorption coefficients, this marble is also suitable for use outdoors, in cold climates and located near water sources.

What is the color of Botticino Classico Marble?

Botticino Classico Marble appears as a stone of extraordinary beauty, characterized by attractive beige shades enriched by many golden veins. Its history is rooted more than 60 million years ago, when an intricate geological process of sedimentation, cementation and recrystallization shaped this marble from calcareous muds full of organic life.

The fascinating result of this ancient process is evident today trough the fossil markings that adorn Botticino Classico, tangible evidence of the biological richness that characterized its originating environment. These fossilized remains represent one of the distinctive features of this prized marble, blending unique identity with eternal appeal.

The harmonious fusion of colors and textures adds quality to this marble making it an undeniable preference in the realization for high-level design and architectural projects.

Type of use of Botticino Classico Marble

Marble Botticino Classico, is a famous Italian natural stone which is an exclusive choice to be used both in indoors and outdoors spaces. Its light beige base and brown veins make Botticino Classico a fine material that adds the touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.

In architecture and interior design, Botticino Classico Marble finds wide use for floors, wall coverings and furniture surfaces. It is a versatile marble that is suitable for both classic and modern settings. Luxury interior designers, choose Botticino Classico because thanks to its particular elegance and refinement it is a great stone to be employed in the creation of exclusive furniture and furnishing accessories.

Tables, consoles, and fireplaces realized with this natural stone become true pieces of art. Also in the field of construction and exterior architecture, Botticino Classico Marble, thanks to its low levels of absorption and porosity, is a versatile and durable material. Used for facades, columns and fountains, it recreates in buildings an imposing classical beauty that never goes out of fashion.

A wide range of finishing

The indisputable beauty of Botticino Classico can be more enhanced with a wide range of processes:


Polishing Botticino Classico marble is an important process to improve the aesthetic appearance and durability of this fine marble. This finish allows the marble to have a smooth, shiny, reflective surface that enhances the natural beauty of this natural stone.


Honing Botticino Classico marble is an important process to improve the finish of this fine material. The final result will be a smooth surface with a more opaque and less shiny effect than polishing finish.


The Botticino Classico marble in rough finish appears with a raw surface, mantaining its natural shape like extracted from the quarry. At this stage, the marble may show variations in color, veining and imperfections that are characteristic of its geological conformation.

Technical data

Country of origin


Medium block size

300 x 150 x 150

Main use


Compression strength

1181 Kg/cm2

Compression strength (after freeze cycles)

317 Kg/cm2

Compression strength combined with flexural strength

218 Kg/cm2

Thermal expansion coefficient

0.0033 mm/m °C

Average absorption of water

0.172 %

Impact strength

37 cm

Abrasion resistance

0,97 mm

Real density „pb“

2710 Kg/m3

Elasticity modulus

832367 Kg/cm2

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History of Marble Botticino Classico

Botticino Marble is a fine, globally renowned stone with a history going back to ancient times. Already used in the First century B.C. by the Romans to create capitals in the Forums, Botticino has maintained its popularity over the centuries.
In more recent times, Botticino Classico, often combined with Botticino Semiclassico, has been used in the construction of iconic buildings and
monuments, such as the Altare della Patria in Rome, the White House in Washington and the Statue of Liberty and Central Station in New York.
The Botticino mining zone is located in a specific area in Brescia Province, characterized by a hundred quarries, of which only twelve fall within the classic zone, mainly identified in Botticino Municipality.
Due to Botticino Classico limited availability and its exceptional quality, there is now a registered trademark which identify this natural stone coming from this prestigious area.

These two elements further highlight the exclusivity of Botticino Classico, making it a desired choice for prestigious design and architectural projects all over the world. Its illustrious history, also linked to very important international monument, makes it a valuable investment for those seeking a durable and prestigious material.