Botticino Fiorito Light Marble As A Luxury Choice Lazzarini Marmi

Botticino Fiorito Light Marble as a luxury choice

The challenge of creating a luxurious ambience in a private villa in Saudi Arabia called for the sophisticated, elegant touch of Botticino Fiorito Light Marble extracted from quarries owned by Lazzarini Marmi.

Here, Lazzarini Marmi’s Botticino Fiorito Light Marble,  synonym for unparalleled quality and beauty, was the main feature in the creation of these sophisticated, visually striking interiors, covering a total area of approximately 1700 square metres.

Botticino Fiorito Light Marble slabs are renowned for their delicate shades, characteristics that have made them ideal for this high-end interior design project.

In a market as competitive as that of architecture and engineering on Asian areas, the ability to choose materials that combine beauty, durability and uniqueness is essential; Botticino Fiorito Light Marble reflects all these qualities and for this reason is extremely popular, especially in China and Korea.

Its durability ensures that projects stand the test of time, while its refined aesthetic adds value and prestige to the spaces where it is used.

Designing Interiors with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble by Lazzarini Marmi

Designing Interiors with Botticino Fiorito Light Marble by Lazzarini Marmi

For trade professionals, and in this case, for the designers of this villa, Botticino Fiorito Light Marble has provided a canvas on which to express creative visions of extreme beauty.

Its versatility, strength and shine make it suitable for a wide range of applications and this is the reason why  it was chosen in this project to realise both  flooring of the entire villa and cladding of the stairways.

Every decision counts in an interior design project, and choosing Lazzarini Marmi’s Botticino Fiorito Light Marble means investing in a solution that combines beauty with practical use, integrating seamlessly with the other materials used in luxury and high-end design contexts.

Botticino Fiorito Light Marble Flooring

Botticino Fiorito Light Marble Flooring lazzarini marmi

In this private villa in Saudi Arabia, floors in Botticino Fiorito Light Marble are the elegant foundation for the entire interior design.

Lazzarini Marmi carefully selected the marble slabs supplied, ensuring the homogeneity of each piece to guarantee a floor with continuous, seamless, high-gloss effect, and to give the spaces a sense of light, airy space.

This touch of elegance and sophistication is the result of meticulous selection and attention to detail.

With its resistance to wear and tear, Botticino Fiorito Light Marble is also ideal for high-traffic areas such as corridors, lounges and kitchens; this quality has also made it the perfect material for this type of design project. Indeed, with the right maintenance, this marble withstands everyday activities very well, without losing its beauty.

Botticino Fiorito Light Marble Stairs

Botticino Fiorito Light Marble Stairs lazzarini marmi

Staircases are not only to be seen as structural elements to connect several floors of a building, but depending on how they are constructed and the materials used

in their construction, in certain architectural contexts they become decorative features that lend extreme elegance and refinement to rooms. One such material that serves to enhance these structures is Botticino Fiorito Light Marble, which offers natural beauty that is perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary styles, giving designers ample room for creation.

For architects and interior designers, Botticino Fiorito Light Marble is the perfect canvas for expressing creativity and innovation. The versatility of this marble allows you to play with shapes, sizes and details, creating staircases that are not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and safe. Wide steps and rounded edges give a sense of comfort and security, while the polished surface adds that touch of brightness and luxury that does not go unnoticed.

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