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Botticino Crema

What is Botticino Crema Marble like?

Botticino Crema Marble stands out as a prestigious choice to enrich any environment it is installed in, thanks to its natural beauty and refinement; its warm and welcoming beige hue, enriched by full-bodied and marked veining, allows Botticino Crema Marble to fit perfectly into any architectural context.

Botticino Crema Marble slabs offer endless possibilities of use, making them perfect for residential and commercial projects. Whether it is luxurious flooring, wall coverings or customised solutions, Botticino Crema satisfies every interior requirement. However, outdoor use is not recommended, as this variety is more fragile than other qualities of Botticino Marble.

Botticino Crema Marble blocks are the starting point for high-level customised creations, and offer the option of obtaining marble products in different shapes, sizes and finishes, opening up a world of possibilities for architects, designers and craftsmen. From large architectural projects to designer accessories, Botticino Crema blocks will foster the creation of unique works that embody the perfect harmony between nature and human creativity.

What colour is Botticino Crema marble?

Botticino Crema is famous for its unique colour: a warm and welcoming shade of beige, with fuller and more pronounced veining compared to other Botticino Marble variants on the market.

This particular shade makes any space brighter, wider, more welcoming and elegant, and its natural, refined look fits perfectly in any context, adding a touch of class in both classic and modern settings.

Botticino Crema is greatly appreciated in Asia and the Middle East, with a strong demand especially from the Indian and Emirates markets. Its elegance and prestige make it a sought-after choice for luxury projects in these regions, confirming its position as an international symbol of class.


Being a variant of the Botticino Marble, Botticino Crema is a material of great value, comparable to the famous Botticino Classico – renowned and admired worldwide for its unique beauty.

Characterised by a very fine grain and a warm beige-neutral colour, it is enhanced by more marked veining compared to other Botticino variants, and it stands out for its sophisticated elegance.

Unlike other types of Botticino Marble, this variant is more fragile and therefore more suitable for interior applications. From floors and wall coverings, to stairs and wainscoting, Botticino Crema adapts with elegance and versatility to any design projects.

With its neutral colours, it can be easily paired with other varieties of stones, from light-coloured marbles such as Breccia Aurora, to the more intense tones of dark marbles such as  Balcan Grey, to the vibrant pinkish reds of Breccia Damascata and Breccia Oniciata.

With low availability on average, and with all the quarries concentrated in the province of Brescia, Botticino Crema Marble is particularly sought after, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, with important requests from India and the UAE, where it is appreciated for its beauty and distinctive quality.

A wide range of finishing

The fascinating aesthetics of the Botticino Crema Marble can be further enhanced through a wide range of processes such as:


Polishing Botticino Crema Marble is not just a simple processing step, but rather an actual transformation of this material. Thanks to this finish, its unique veining and fine tones emerge with intense splendour, adding that touch of elegance and refinement to the rooms it is installed in.


The process of honing of Botticino Crema Marble slabs makes the surface smooth and even, and perfectly compatible with a wide range of architectural contexts. Unlike polishing, this technique uses different abrasive brushes to achieve a duller, less shiny, yet equally elegant appearance.


At the heart of the Botticino Crema Marble artistic creation lies its raw form, the starting point of a fascinating transformation process. In this initial phase, the marble block reveals its primordial essence, showing its natural structure and spirit, destined to blossom in the subsequent processing stages.

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