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Botticino Crema

Botticino Crema marble is a beige-coloured material which differs from other variants of Botticino marbles on the market as it appears with a warmer background as well as more consistent and marked veins.

Botticino Crema is highly appreciated in Asia and in the Middle East with supplies requested above all by the Indian and UAE markets.

Its availability is medium-low; quarries are located in Brescia province, where other types of Botticino Marble are also extracted.

Type of use of Botticino Crema

Botticino Crema Marble use is suggested exclusively in indoor spaces to realize floors, vertical coverings, stairs, and tops; it is not suitable for outdoor creations as it is more fragile than other Botticino qualities.

A wide range of finishing

The fascinating aesthetics of Botticino Crema can be further enhanced with a wide range of processes such as for example polishing and honing:

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