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Breccia Damascata marble

Breccia Damascata is a marble known all over the world for its particular colours and shades, which vary from pink to red and from beige to white showing, in some cases, orange intrusions.

In New York this type of marble has become a real luxury must since Donald Trump chose it for the interior cladding of the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The quarry has two different extraction points: the first one offers a selection of blocks with light shades leading to pale pink while the second one offers blocks with a strong darker colour leading to red.

Type of use of the Breccia Damascata

The open spot installation allows you to better highlight the typical veins of the material and its tendency to make lines at 45 seconds.

These unique features in combination with the softness of the colors, make it the perfect material for use in different areas and interiors.

A wide range of finishing





Technical data



Medium block size

medium / high

Main use

internal / external

Compression strength

2421 Kg/cm2

Thermal expansion coefficient

0,0047 mm/m˚C

Average absorption of water


Abrasion resistance


Real density „pb“

2677 Kg/m3

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