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Breccia Damascata

How is Breccia Damascata Marble?

The Breccia Damascata emerges as an excellent expression of beauty in the world of marble, winning global recognition thanks to its unique colors and shades. 

This precious type of marble stands out for its different shades, which elegantly embrace pink, red, beige and white. It is good to specify, however, that it is not limited only to these fascinating nuances, but in some extraordinary events it offers unique orange structures, which give the Breccia Damascata a unique and unmistakable character.

This precious marble is transformed into an authentic work of geological art, capturing the attention with its vivid color and the variety of shades that paint each slab. Its ability to combine the sobriety of white with the ardor of red, makes the Breccia Damascata an ideal choice for architectural and design projects that seek a balance between elegance and distinctive personality.

Whether used in classic or modern environments, the Breccia Damascata adds a touch of sophistication and originality. Its thousand-year history, intertwined with the mastery of nature in creating this underground work of art, makes each piece a unique narrative, transmitting the geological and aesthetic heritage that lies behind this extraordinary natural stone.

What is the color Breccia Damascata Marble?

Blocks of Breccia Damascata, quarried from two distinct points in the quarry, tell unique color stories. 

While some blocks exhibit light shades of soft pink, others, from a second extraction point, sport a more intense color charge, often veering to vibrant red.

This excellent quality natural stone, which is characterized by its predominant hues between pink, red, beige and white, but in some exceptional situations, even gives suggestive veins between orange and red.

Type of use of the Breccia Damascata Marble

The choice of adopting open-spot laying proves to be a strategic one, as it excellently amplifies the typical veining of this type of marble, creating a dynamic and modern visual effect, while accentuating its natural propensity to form 45° oblique lines. These characteristics, combined with the delicate color palette, make it an ideal choice for harmoniously blending into a variety of interior settings.

The unique characteristics of the material not only enhance its aesthetics, but also enhance its functional performance. Its ability to adapt to different environments and design styles makes it an essential element for projects that require a touch of class. Due to its versatile nature, Marble Breccia Damascata becomes the ideal choice for cladding in residential, commercial or public environments, ensuring an extraordinary and long-lasting vision.

A wide range of finishing


The process of polishing Breccia Damascata is an operation aimed at maximizing the distinctive characteristics of this valuable material. In fact, polishing enhances its distinctive intricate grain patterns and color contrast.


Polishing of Breccia Damascata marble is done by using abrasive brushes with variable grit, following the same procedure as polishing. The result will be although less shiny, taking on a duller appearance than the polished material.


The rough slab of Breccia Damascata is the product obtained by simply cutting the block; once extracted from the frames, the rough slab is not subjected to any kind of processing. The surface will remain in its original rough shape.

Technical data



Medium block size

medium / high

Main use

internal / external

Compression strength

2421 Kg/cm2

Thermal expansion coefficient

0,0047 mm/m˚C

Average absorption of water


Abrasion resistance


Real density „pb“

2677 Kg/m3

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History of Breccia Damascata Marble

The prestigious Breccia Damascata marble has consolidated its success in the world of luxury in New York, becoming an authentic symbol of refinement. 

Its presence in the Trump Tower has not only made this marble a refined material but has also helped to define a luxury standard that continues to inspire designers and lovers of high-end aesthetics around the world. 

Each block of Breccia Damascata, extracted from two different points of the quarry, tells a unique chromatic story. From the first site emerge blocks that show light shades, wrapped in a delicate shade of soft pink, while the second point of extraction gives blocks characterized by a charge of color more intense and decisive, often prone to vibrant red.

This duality in extractions not only gives Breccia Damascata an exceptional aesthetic variety but also emphasizes the versatility of this stone. In addition to being synonymous with luxury and sophistication, this type of marble is elegantly adapted to a variety of projects, from classic to contemporary.