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How is Macchiavecchia Marble?

Macchiavecchia Marble stands out in the fine materials landscape for its visual splendour, capable of enhancing any environment. This marble presents a fascinating play of colours that makes each slab unique and a true natural artwork.

Ideal for those seeking a material that combines durability with timeless style, Macchiavecchia Marble is a popular choice among architects and designers for construction and renovation projects worldwide, where it is often employed to create refined and elegant environments.

What colour is Macchiavecchia Marble?

Macchiavecchia Marble is known for its rich and varied colour palette, which makes it particularly popular in luxury interiors.

The background colour of this marble is predominantly grey, a neutral shade that acts as canvas for its typical vivid veining.

Those veins, generated during crystallisation processes with other materials, are Macchiavecchia Marble’s distinguishing feature, and can vary from hazelnut, yellow, white and red, often accentuated by an intensity that can range from subtle streaks to bold, thick markings, creating a dynamic visual effect and rich texture.

The contrast between the light-coloured base and the multi-coloured veins enriches each slab, making it similar to an abstract painting, and lending uniqueness to each piece.


With its lively veining and light base, Macchiavecchia Marble is extremely versatile and can be used in many architectural and interior design contexts.

Macchiavecchia Marble is often chosen for floors and wall coverings, as it adds a touch of luxury to many different environments, such as hotel lobbies and reception halls; it is also perfect for bathroom and kitchen worktops, dining tables, or to create architectural and ornamental elements such as fireplaces and columns.

The diversity of colours and the marked character of the veining make Macchiavecchia Marble extremely versatile in terms of use, adapting to different decorative styles, from classic elegance to bold modernity. This ability to fit into various contexts makes it ideal for high-profile interior design projects, where aesthetics and function are equally regarded.

A wide range of finishing

The unique aesthetics of Macchiavecchia Marble can be further enhanced through specific processes, such as:

macchiavecchia marble polished


Polished Macchiavecchia Marble is one of its most popular finishes, enhancing its natural beauty. Apart from improving the marble's aesthetic appearance, this treatment also emphasises its chromatic characteristics. Polished marble features a smooth, shiny surface that reflects light, highlighting its veining and colour depth.
macchiavecchia marble honed


Honing is an important way to process Macchiavecchia Marble to achieve uniformly smooth slab surfaces. Unlike polishing, this finish makes the material's appearance less shiny, as different abrasive brushes are employed during the processing stages, making the marble look duller without losing its elegance.
macchiavecchia marble rough


Rough Macchiavecchia Marble slabs offer the natural texture and original characteristics of this precious stone, with its typical colours and veining. The rough marble surface can be particularly attractive in certain types of architectural projects, or to create decorative elements that require a more organic and integrated appearance, in natural or rustic settings.

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History of Macchiavecchia Marble

Deep in the Arzo quarries, nestled in the landscape of Ticino, Macchiavecchia Marble emerges as a geological treasure, the result of an ancient sea that disappeared in prehistoric times.

This marble is distinguished by its extraordinary polychromy, the result of geological movements that fragmented the rock and favoured its crystallisation with other minerals.

Macchiavecchia Marble is not only a functional material, but also an element of great aesthetic value, capable of transforming any environment, by adding a touch of natural history and art.

An emblematic example of its historical use can be seen in the Gesù Nuovo Church in Naples, where Macchiavecchia Marble enhances the majesty of the architecture, testifying to its durability and beauty through the centuries.

Macchiavecchia Marble has left an indelible imprint in the historical and cultural context of Canton of Ticino and Lombardy, evidenced by the presence of architectural elements such as balustrades and stoups in local churches. This testifies not only to its beauty, but also to the cultural and historical importance of this material in the ecclesiastical and architectural tradition of the region.

Macchiavecchia Marble has always drawn interest internationally, especially from foreign markets such as India and Russia. This global renaissance underlines a recognition of its uniqueness and aesthetic value, and also the growing demand for natural materials that carry a legacy of craftsmanship and history.