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Balkan Grey

What is Balkan Grey Marble like?

Balkan Grey Marble is a material that stands out for its understated elegance and versatility, making it a preferred choice for many designer for interior and architectural projects. This type of marble has a grey background enriched by more or less pronounced and extensive veins in warm colours that create visually interesting and unique patterns.

A remarkable aspect of Balkan Grey Marble is its ability to reflect light – a characteristic that varies depending on the finish applied to the marble surface. A polished finish enhances the reflection even more, making the colours and veining even more vivid and evident.

Pattern variations make it ideal for creating visually striking focal points and providing a sense of aesthetic continuity in large, open spaces.

What colour is Balkan Grey Marble?

This marble has a more or less dark grey colour base, and this makes it very adaptable to a broad variety of settings and styles. The specific shade of grey may differ slightly depending on where it is extracted in the quarry, making each slab unique.

The veins may appear in various warm shades, ranging from bright red to hazelnut, and may sometimes include pinkish beige tones or even shades of other subtle colours, which add depth and visual interest to the material.

lazzarini marmi balkan grey marble block


The beauty of Balkan Grey Marble lies in its uniform texture and neutral background colour, thanks to which it can be adapted to a wide range of decorative styles, from ultra-modern to traditional interiors. Ideal when combined with other materials such as wood, metal and glass, making it particularly suited for use in luxury interiors, including floors, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops, as well for decorative elements such as columns and fireplaces.

Thanks to its chromatic characteristics and its sometimes pronounced veining, it is perfect for book-matched laying, giving a peculiar visual and dynamic effect to any environment it is employed in. Due to its poor weather resistance, Balkan Grey Marble is only recommended for indoor use.

Investing in this kind of marble means choosing a material that not only enhances a property from an aesthetic point of view, but also offers a durable and easy-to-maintain solution. Its design versatility and beauty make it a favourite solution among architects and designers seeking to combine style and functionality in their projects.

A wide range of finishing

The fascinating aesthetics of Balkan Grey Marble can be further embellished through a wide range of processes, such as:

lazzarini marmi balkan grey marble polished


The polishing process on Balkan Grey further enhances this exclusive material. Through this finishing technique, the marble reveals its fascinating veining, and also enhances its vibrant hues, giving treated surfaces a spectacular shine that enriches any environment.
lazzarini marmi balkan grey marble honed


Balkan Grey Marble slabs, when subjected to a careful honing process, are transformed into architectural elements of extreme beauty. This technique gives marble a uniformly smooth, yet less shiny surface than polishing, leaving the slab more matt-looking. In any case, this treatment too is ideal for several architectural and interior design applications.
lazzarini marmi balkan grey marble rough


Balkan Grey Marble, in its rough form, represents the beginning of a fascinating process that turns a simple block of marble into a masterpiece of elegance. At this initial stage, marble reveals its authentic essence, showing a natural structure and the potential developed through subsequent and meticulous processing steps.

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