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Limestone Balkan White

What is Limestone Balkan White like?

Limestone Balkan White is a recently discovered type of limestone pumice, extracted in the Balkan region. This material stands out by being lighter and with less texture than marble, while still offering a fine aesthetic and versatility that make it ideal for numerous uses in architecture,  for interior and exterior design projects.

This limestone comes in two main variants: coarse-grained and fine-grained. The coarse-grained variant is characterised by a marked presence of beige and black streaks, which create an interesting colour contrast. While the fine-grained version is distinguished by its almost imperceptible dots, mixed in a beige, black, yellow and white palette, which make the surface more even and delicate.

From a technical standpoint, Limestone Balkan White shows excellent characteristics of durability and robustness. With its good flexural strength and density, this stone proves ideal for multiple structural uses. Its abrasion resistance ensures a long life even under heavy use, while its low water absorption rate makes it suitable for wet or outdoor environments, minimising the risk of deterioration due to weathering.

What colour is Limestone Balkan White?

Limestone Balkan White is distinguished by its light colour and subtle nuances, making it a material of great aesthetic value, ideal for a variety of applications in interior and exterior architecture and design projects. While the name ‘Balkan White’ suggests the predominance of white in its colour palette, a more detailed analysis reveals a complexity of tones that adds depth and character to this natural stone.

The basic colour of Balkan White is a very light, almost white beige, which makes any space extraordinarily bright. The base is punctuated by a series of small varying shades that can range from beige to light yellow to grey and black, very subtle and diverse, depending on the specific area of extraction and on the block characteristics. This variety of tones makes each slab unique, and adds character to each project.

lazzarini marmi limestone balkan white blocks


In terms of applications, Balkan White is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to its beige background and limited colour variations, this stone is particularly ideal for projects requiring a touch of understated elegance. It is often used in large-scale projects, such as façade cladding, flooring, decorations, and as a structural element around swimming pools and in gardens.

The fine-grained Balkan White variant tends to show greater uniformity in colour, with almost imperceptible dots creating a delicate, homogeneous texture. This fineness makes it especially suited to interiors, such as bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, where a feeling of openness and brightness is often desired. On the other hand, the coarse-grained version, with its obvious colour contrasts, offers a more dynamic and bold look, ideal for external façades, floors and other architectural elements requiring a stronger visual impact.

In addition to its use in large slabs or tiles, Limestone Balkan White is also often selected for decorative details such as window frames, columns, fireplaces and carved panels.

A wide range of finishing

The elegance of Balkan White can be increased through specific processes, such as:

lazzarini marmi limestone balkan white polished


This finish is ideal for bringing out the natural beauty of Limestone Balkan White, and giving the surface a glossy, reflective appearance. Polished stones become smoother and brighter, by reflecting light and giving depth to its natural colours and textures.


Honing gives Balkan White a matt and uniform appearance; albeit less glossy than polishing, honed slabs are as smooth to the touch. This finish is often preferred for areas where an elegantly understated look is desired, without the marked reflections featured in polished stones.
lazzarini marmi limestone balkan white rough


Retaining the natural state of the stone, the rough finish is the ideal choice for those who prefer a more rustic and authentic look; this finish, perfect also outdoors, gives the surface a rough and natural texture.

Technical data

Main use

internal / external

Fire reaction

class A1

Flexural strength (medium value)

13,9 MPa

Durability of flexural strength (natural)

13,1 MPa

Durability of flexural strength (after 56 freeze cycles)

12,2 MPa

Real density „pb“

2545 Kg / mc

Average absorption of water

1,7 %

Abrasion resistance

21,4 mm

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