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Verde Alpi

Verde Alpi marble is an extremely elegant and refined stone; the background is dark green which fades into darker or lighter shades. It is crossed by white /yellow veins which decorate the material increasing its aesthetic value.

Its availability is medium-high and quarries are located in Northern Italy, in Valle d’Aosta.

Type of use of Verde Alpi marble

Verde Alpi marble is recommended in indoor areas such as floors, vertical coverings, stairs, bathrooms, kitchen tops and tables and thanks to its chromatic particularities it is also employed in the realization of furnishing objects such as vases, lamps etc; normally it is not used in outdoor areas since it could be damaged by both low temperatures or strong temperature variations.

A wide range of finishing

It is a material suitable for many types of finishes such as polishing, honing, brushing or sandblasting.

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