Over 30,000 sq.m

In the LAZZARINI warehouses, over 30,000 sq. m of marble in blocks have been stored, in a neat environment. Our Botticino marble is always available, along with other Italian marbles.

Ourwarehouses are located in three districts.
The Prevalle warehouse in Via Campi Grandi N12, covers an area of 5,300 sq. m.
The Nuvolera warehouse in Via Verdi, covers an area of 2,6000 sq. m.
The Cavaion Veronese warehouse in Viale I Maggio, covers an area of 1,500 sq. m.

Prevalle warehouse

In 1998 in Prevalle the first quarry became operational, and in 2006 was extended up to a surface area of 5,000 sq. m;

Prevalle branch

We have another warehouse in Prevalle.

Cavaion Veronese warehouse

ILastly, Lazzarini Marmi, also has a third warehouse located in Cavaion Veronese which covers a surface area of 1,500 sq. m.

Nuvolera warehouse

Still in 2006, simultaneously with the Prevalle extension works, a new warehouse in Nuvolera was opened, which spreads out over an area of 35,000 sq. m.