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Macchia Vecchia

Macchia Vecchia is a marble with very particular and varied chromatic characteristics; it has a predominantly grey background crossed by marked yellow, white, red and hazelnut veins and shades.

It is a historic marble, used in the past above all to embellish churches and noble residences; we can find it also in the Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo in Naples and several other churches in Swiss.

For this stone there is a medium-low availability; quarries are located in Swiss, in the Canton Ticino area and generally produce medium-sized blocks.

Type of use of Macchia Vecchia marble

Macchia Vecchia Marble is mainly used for indoor spaces to realize floors, vertical coverings and stairs.

A wide range of finishing

The fascinating aesthetics of Macchia Vecchia marble, can be further increased with a wide range of processes such as for example polishing and honing.

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