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Limestone Balcan White

Balcan white is not a marble but a limestone, a kind of calcareous pumice stone, less consistent but lighter than marble.

Balcan White is a material recently discovered in a quarry located in the Balkans area. You can find it in two different variations: coarse-grained and fine-grained. The coarse-grained version shows evident beige and black almonds with a very clear contrast of colours while the fine-grained version shows almost invisible dots in beige, black, yellow and white shades.

Balcan White type of use

Both variants of Balcan White, the fine-grained and the coarse-grained, have a medium-high availability but this does not mean that it is not an elegant and valuable material; with its beige background and without too many colour variations it is perfect both in interior and exterior projects, such as, for example, swimming poolside.

A wide range of finishing

The elegance of Balcan White can increase its aesthetic value thanks to some specific processes:





Technical data

Main use

internal / external

Fire reaction

class A1

Flexural strength (medium value)

13,9 MPa

Durability of flexural strength (natural)

13,1 MPa

Durability of flexural strength (after 56 freeze cycles)

12,2 MPa

Real density „pb“

2545 Kg / mc

Average absorption of water

1,7 %

Abrasion resistance

21,4 mm

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